Water Damage

When your home or business is being threatened by water damage from flooding or leaks, R&L has the experience and equipment to help preserve and restore your property.

Our IICRC Certified technicians are trained to remove water from flooded dwellings and extract wet flooring (carpet, flooring etc.) using IICRC standards. R&L continues using IICRC standards to remove (raise) furniture, office equipment, computers, and other items that are water damaged. The company is equipped to handle small damages such a toilet over flow or water heater bust to responding to a large building flood.

Our Process

Our highly trained technicians will employ a specific combination of moisture detection equipment, including our Thermal Imaging Technology and both penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters to accomplish this task. By identifying all of the saturated areas, we can dry them immediately, and eliminate the conditions for mold to develop and for structural damage to occur.

The next step is to remove all of the standing water in the building. Our technicians will extract the water using our extraction machines. We use portable extraction machines that rapidly remove the water and are easily mobilized from floor to floor.

Immediately after the water damage mitigation and/or microbial abatement at the property are completed, our reconstruction division will provide you with a detailed estimate and working schedule for the repairs. Our crews will work diligently to ensure that your property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

We are an energy conservation company that prefers to go green.